Transport to Niseko and our Location

Guests coming by train
・From Chitose Airport/Sapporo  Please get off at Kutchan station.
・From Hakodate/Osyamanbe  Please get off at Niseko station.

Guests coming by bus
・Please catch the direct bus from Chitose Airport/Sapporo and get off at Hirafu #1 Parking.

◆PIck up and drop off service(8:15am〜9:00pm) Hiraf area only
 ・There are cases that we cannot accept your request between 10 am and 1 pm due to other duties.
 ・I am sorry but I can not pick up/drop off you between 17:30 and 18:30 due to the work for dinner time.
 ・Please ask if you like for another time.
 ・Please refer to "About Lodge Fuu" for our pick-up/drop-off information.
 ・Free pick up and drop off service to Hirafu #1 Parking.
Please reserve in advance.