Price and Reservations
Room type 1person/room 2people/room 3`4people/room
Adults   with breakfast œen-suite(with bath and toilet) 9,180 7,560 7,020
œwestern style / Japaneese
@(without bath and toilet)
8,100 6,480 5,940
œbunk beds room
@(without bath and toilet)
7,560 5,940 5,400
Children   with breakfast \ 4,320
(6`12years old)
Infants   without meal,bed only \ 2,700
(under 6years old)   without meal and bed(entrance fee) \ 1,080
EDinner can be provided at extra 1620yen / adult(1080yen / child) 
 Please let us know a day prior if you don't need it.
E1080yen(540yen /child) will be deducted from the price list if you don't need meal. 
EAn extra charge will be applied between Dec 29 and Jan 3,which is 1080yen / person / night only for adults. 
 Cancellation policy 
 No show/That day   1day before   2days to 7days before   8days to 14days before   15days to 30days before 
100%  50% 30%  20% 10%